Andrew Douglas presents a free online workshop

11 REASONS BAGPIPERS FAIL to ignite (or re-ignite) your bagpiping without all the confusion, conflicts, and mixed messages.

Sunday, Nov. 14th @ 1PM New York Time


Here are some things students have said to me over recent months. Do any of them resonate with you?

"I play in a grade 5 band and have been playing for 25 years... I still play MUCH better on the practice chanter than on the pipes."

"I listen to the piping greats and pale in comparison, often times wanting to burn my pipes, yet I struggle on."

"Whatever I do, I just can't motivate my band to practice."

"I struggle with motivation and desire to play. If I could just figure out what I need to work on and how to work on it (and actually see improvement), that would make a huge difference."

"As an adult learner I suppose this is really as good as I can expect to get..."

"I simply don't have the time for piping in my life right now."

Frustrations like these are really common. They're limiting beliefs that lead promising pipers to work long and hard on "technique", but still fall depressingly short of their goals.

How about you? Have you worked hard to get your bagpipe to sound good, invested heavily in making it happen, and yet you still struggle? Have you tried to clean up your fingerwork, but people still say you're sounding "sloppy" and that you have to switch D-throws?

There is a way to re-frame how you think about piping in such a way that success will be a natural byproduct.

In this one-time workshop, we'll explore the 11 key reasons pipers fail, and use them to uncover first principles that apply when trying to master any worthwhile skill.

These principles are simple to follow, and if you approach them the RIGHT way, you'll quickly uncover habits and approaches that are holding you back, and understand how to fix them.

Improving your piping isn't rocket science, and it won't take hours every single day.

Join me for this free workshop to see how you can make some small changes that will radically improve your piping.

I hope to see you there!

This Workshop Will Be Great For...

Pipers of All Levels/Interests

Whether you play band or solo, whether your beginner, intermediate, or advanced, I promise this workshop will open your eyes to some fantastic places you can look to find that next level.

Teachers and Leaders

Wondering what's missing in your teaching approach? Trying to figure out how to inspire your band to practice harder and take more of an interest in improvement? Don't miss the "11 Reasons."

... Drummers?

The coolest thing about this 11 Reasons workshop is that the concepts are truly universal. Anyone interested in trying to master anything will be able to take a ton away from the content. We will be mostly talking about piping, but with an open mind drummers can benefit from this workshop as well!


  • Why I'm 98% sure your piping problems and challenges have NOTHING to do with expression, tuning, steady blowing, memorization, rhythm, or any other reason you think is causing them.
  • That your struggles ACTUALLY stem from 11 key mistakes everyone is making to some degree.
  • How to look to first principles of self-expression to solve and/or re-orient your piping struggles.
  • How to pin-point exactly what you can do today to see a drastic increase in your rate of improvement (and enjoyment!) as a piper.



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About Andrew Douglas

Andrew is a prolific practitioner of the bagpipe, active at the highest level of pipe bands, solo competition, teaching, and creative endeavors for the past 20 years.

He's the founder and creator of The Piper’s Dojo and Dojo University, and his credentials include being 2017 & 2019 World Champion with Inveraray and District Pipe Band, 2017 Winner of the USA Silver Medal for Piobaireachd, 2008–2013 Pipe Major of Grade 1 Oran Mor Pipe Band, a multi-prize winner of Silver Medals at Oban and Inverness, and the 2004 B-Grade Winner Strathspey/Reel at Oban.

He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Simon Fraser University, and is an Accredited Bagpipe Teacher and Examiner with the Scottish Qualifications Authority.