You Don’t Need a “Great Ear” to Tune Your Bagpipes

Learn the amazingly simple 6-step process that will help you master great bagpipe tuning.
Download your copy of this FREE one-stop guide about everything related to bagpipe tuning, so you'll always be able to produce a great sound… even if you don't yet have "the magic ear".
  • Learn why a "great ear" and needing to use a tuner are MYTHS that are actually preventing you from learning to tune your pipes.
  • Discover the the 6 (and only 6) steps of the bagpipe tuning process that will guide you in mastering the process of great bagpipe tuning.
  • Consider 8 simple (but ESSENTIAL) things you must complete BEFORE you even THINK about tuning!
  • Reveal the single greatest misconception about bagpipe tuning that keeps 95% of pipers from being successful with their tuning.

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