Canmore Hybrid Zipper Pipe Bag

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An upgrade to the world's original synthetic bag, with special hide/synthetic hybrid material for a more natural feel.

Key Characteristics of the Canmore Hybrid Pipe Bag:

  1. Made of a gore-tex-style material, machine-sewn.
  2. Has an inherent moisture-wicking quality, but airing out the bag after each session is recommended.
  3. Requires NO seasoning.
  4. Produces a stable, reliable sound, and even rivals some hide bags in its harmonic richness (due to its "hybrid" material).

Canmore Hybrid Moisture Control Note(s):

  1. Has zipper access to the inside of the bag, which allows for most moisture control systems to be installed inside.
  2. Fits most or all moisture control systems!

Average Lifespan of a Canmore Hybrid Pipe Bag:

  1. 5+ Years