G1 Platinum Chanter Reed

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A beautiful well-rounded bagpipe chanter reed by John Elliot, somehow improving on the famous "G1" reed.

Key Characteristics of the G1 Platinum Pipe Chanter Reed:

  1. A ridge-cut reed by John Elliot, producing added clarity, resonance, and high-hand quality (relative to his G1 design).
  2. Played by increasing numbers of top bands and soloists.
  3. Each tube of cane is personally hand selected and only the best will be deemed acceptable for G1’s high standards. The cane is sourced from top cane growers in France and Spain depending on the season.
  4. Reeds are produced in small batches, and then tested and re-tested by John Elliot himself. This ensures a premium quality.
  5. Available in the usual range of strengths.