McCallum AB4D Engraved Aluminum and Blackwood Mounts

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The AB4DMC is a great classic-looking set with blackwood projecting mounts and engraved alloy ferrules, slides and ringcaps.

Ninja Specs

  1. Brand: McCallum
  2. Warranty: 10 Years
  3. Base Material: African Blackwood
  4. Metalwork: Alloy
  5. Projecting Mounts: Blackwood
  6. Engraved: Yes
  7. All blackwood pipes are sold with necessary CITES treaty paper work!

McCallum Blackwood and Alloy - African Blackwood Bagpipes

The AB4D with Celtic Engraving and Blackwood Mounts is a great classic-looking set that shows off the natural beauty of Blackwood and complements it with engraved alloy. All AB4 sets come with an adjustable (polypenco) blowstick that will fit any player and won't crack due to moisture. McCallums are made in Scotland.

Two Awesome Features on All McCallum Bagpipes:

  1. McCallum's New Alloy (If you have plating on your pipes, that is) - this is a great material that never tarnishes, keeping your pipes always looking like silver! Check out the pictures, and imagine a set of pipes that always look like that!
  2. Threaded Hemp Retainers - you can see these on the picture that all McCallum pipes have a "hemp retainer," or "stop," that keeps the hemp from coming off the end of various joints. A great treat for pipers who are more familiar with other sets.

Features of the McCallum Blackwood and Alloy Bagpipe:

  1. Fully combed and beaded African Blackwood
  2. Blackwood projecting mounts
  3. Deluxe alloy projecting mount ornamentation
  4. McCallum poly adjustable blowstick
  5. McCallum polypenco pipe chanter

Our Top of the Line "Default" Set-up:

  1. Bannatyne Synth Pipe Bag with Zipper
  2. EzeeDrone synthetic drone reeds
  3. Deluxe bag cover with zipper and grip patch.
  4. Silk drone cords.
  5. A top brand chanter reed.
  6. All Pipes are Played, Tested, and Tuned by a Professional Piper!

An Industry-leading Warranty

McCallum always had a industry leading 5-year warranty on their blackwood pipes; but all new sets as of October 2015 will carry an unprecedented (industry exceeding) 10 year warranty! If you have any problems with your pipes in the first 10 years of owning your pipes, contact us and we'll help you get it sorted.