Naill DN3 Pipes

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The DN3A offers the super traditional look, with an optional flare of plain wood tuning slides. Its default look: Nickel Slides with Imitation Ivory ferrules, projecting mounts and ring caps. In your options, you can remove nickel tuning slides or upgrade to silver.

Ninja Specs

  1. Brand: Naill
  2. Warranty: 2 Years
  3. Base Material: African Blackwood
  4. Metalwork: Nickel
  5. Projecting Mounts: Imitation Ivory
  6. All blackwood pipes are sold with necessary CITES treaty paper work!

Naill DN3 African Blackwood Bagpipes

The DN3 offers the super traditional look, with an optional flare of nickel tuning slides. Its default look: Imitation Ivory ferrules, projecting mounts and ring caps. In your options, you can add nickel tuning slides. The nickel that Naill uses doesn't tarnish quickly, and is easily touched up with a polishing cloth. DN3s come with a beautifully crafted blackwood blowstick. Naills are made in the United Kingdom.

Factors that make Naill amongst the best pipes in the world:

  1. Naill's 30 Years of Of Excellent Tone and Craftsmanship - Naill pipe-maker Les Cowell's years of training and experience as an instrument maker went into the design and manufacture of his bagpipes. In the beginning years of the company David Naill set new standards of excellence and expectation in the way bagpipes are finished — from exquisite turning and bores, precise beading and combing, to the finest hand engraved metalwork from in-house silversmiths. From early on Les diligently sought input from champion players on what makes for the best-sounding instrument. And throughout the years since, his bagpipes have been the result of the marriage of unsurpassed craftsmanship with the master player's ear — bagpipes both equal in beauty and harmonics.
  2. Hand-crafted, with Attention to Detail - Naill's policy is to produce everything in-house so as to ensure the very finest quality craftsmanship. Their team of wood-turners have an intimate feel for the unpredictable nature of Blackwood (and thus their polypenco materials as well), and the refined details of crafting bagpipes in order to produce great harmonics. Even the elegant silver engraving is undertaken by their stable of freelance silver artists. The result is a bagpipe that is unequalled in tone and manufacturing quality.

Features of the Naill DN2E Bagpipe:

  1. Fully combed and beaded African Blackwood.
  2. Full sized imitation ivory projecting mounts.
  3. Imitation Ivory ferrules and ring caps.
  4. Optional Nickel Tuning Slides
  5. Naill Blackwood blowstick
  6. Naill Polypenco pipe chanter

Our Top of the Line "Default" Set-up:

  1. Bannatyne Synth Pipe Bag with Zipper
  2. EzeeDrone synthetic drone reeds
  3. Deluxe bag cover with zipper and grip patch.
  4. Silk drone cords.
  5. A top brand chanter reed.
  6. All Pipes are Played, Tested, and Tuned by a Professional Piper!

A Substantial Warranty

Naill has an amazing 2-year warranty. If you have any problems with your pipes in the first 2 years of owning your pipes, contact us and we'll help you get it sorted.