Airstream Blowstick

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The Airstream bagpipe blowstick and mouthpiece combination features incredible airflow, with absolute minimum restriction. Measurement refers to usable length from stock to mouthpiece end.

Airstream Fixed Length Blowstick

Airstream Blowsticks are supplied in a range of sizes, measured from the end of the blowpipe stock to the tip of the mouthpiece. Made with a special wide-bore design, oval mouthpiece, and a large internal valve, Airstream Blowsticks ensure minimal resistance to bagpipers when inflating the bag. Black or imitation ivory mounts are available to match any bagpipe make.


  1. Wide Bore with NO restriction
  2. Fixed length blowsticks
  3. Combed and Beaded to Match your pipes.
  4. Available with Imitation Ivory or Plain Black Mount.