Soft Practice Chanter Case

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Soft Practice Chanter Case With a pocket length of 23 inches, this padded, black Nylon case can accommodate any practice chanter, including extra long versions and those with soles. The fold over Velcro flap secures the chanter fully.

A Soft Case You Say?

This soft case is great as an all around protective case for any practice chanter. Protect your chanter from the daily grind, bumps, drops, scratches, and sitting loose in your pipe case.

Please note this won't protect your chanter from:

  1. Your dog thinking it's a chew toy.
  2. Dear Aunt Sally Sitting on it.
  3. Ninja's using it as a fencing stick.
  4. Dump trucks running it over (real customer experience).
  5. Small to Medium size meteors.