Peterson StroboPlus HD Tuner

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The StroboPlus HD Strobe Tuner has the 1/10 cent accuracy of all Peterson strobes and also includes new Sweetened Tuning especially for the Highland Bagpipe.

The Best in Tuners - Oh Yeah, and the Best for Bagpipers Too!

The Peterson StroboPlus HD™ is an ultra high-resolution strobe tuner with our largest illuminated display ever featured in a traditional strobe format. Chromatically tune both chanter notes and drones confidently to the exacting standards that experienced musicians demand using the Highland Bagpipes Sweetened Tuning™. Use the built-in mic, plug in mic or use a clip-on pickup to tune your pipes quickly with its smooth, real-time display or program your custom tunings using our *PetersonConnect™ online utility. We love this tuner with the Peterson External Microphone or the Clip-On contact Microphone.


  1. 0.1 Cent Accuracy (1/10 of a Cent; 1/1000 of a Semitone)
  2. Built in Microphone
  3. USB Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  4. Backlit Display; Visible in Dark or Direct Sunlight
  5. Auto Off and Smart Backlight for Battery Savings
  6. Concert A Setting Adjustable from 390hz to 490hz
  7. Rotary Encoder for Quick Menu Navigation
  8. Tripod Mount for use with Peterson Pitch Holder
  9. Over 90 Preset Temperaments/Sweetened Tunings (including GHB)
  10. Headphone Output to Connect Audio to Headphones or PA System
  11. Bodybeat Metronome software is downloadable to turn your tuner into both!
  12. Stay up to date with firmware upgrades and updates!