Ezee Drone Reeds - Standard Set

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Dojo U Preferred Product*** The full standard set of EzeeDrone's "industry standard" drone reed.

Sound Description:

Full-bodied, mellow, highly adjustable, super harmonic, lock together.

Unique Qualities...

  1. EzeeDrones come with an adjustable screw at the end of the reed to adjust pitch of the reed (and thus where the drone will tune on the pin).
  2. EzeeDrone tongues are small and light-weight, making them extremely adjustable (although arguably a bit "finicky") and resilient to moisture condensation.

Important Notes:

  1. EzeeDrone reeds come with a rubber casing where the hemp would normally be. At the Dojo, we recommend taking off this rubber and replacing it with hemp. With that said, plenty of pipers skip this step and have great success.
  2. Don't be turned off EzeeDrone by the nay-sayers. It's a GREAT reed. We just think some folks have a tendency not to like the most dominant product on the market!

***Dojo U Preferred Products:

Dojo U Preferred Products are, quite simply, what we would play!
At the Piper's Dojo store, we offer every product we can think of, to make sure you have a full selection to choose from to make your piping journey as personalized and meaningful as possible. However, it is important to note that we don't actually play or advocate all of the products in our catalogue. Some products are simply too advanced or complicated for beginning and intermediate players. Some products hurt your sound more than they help (despite how they are marketed). Meanwhile, others products are just *the best* in our opinion; and these are our Dojo U Preferred Products!