Balance Tone Drone Reeds

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A remarkably adjustable, super efficient, and highly affordable drone reed by Bruce Hitchings.

Sound Description:

Full-bodied, mellow, stable, NOT buzzy.

Unique Qualities...

  1. Balance Tone reeds have been redesigned to include a whole bunch of great features, including a cool volume control adjustment!
  2. The body of the reed is a plastic composite, making it repel moisture well. The tongue is fiberglass.
  3. The body of the reed comes in a "telescopic" two-part design, making it highly adjustable for pitch.
  4. Horizontal channels under the blade wick moisture preventing any build up and instability.

Important Notes:

  1. Guaranteed against mechanical failure for two years.
  2. Reeds arrive hand-set-up and ready for you to play out of the box!
  3. These reeds have been designed for easy strike-in and require a minimum amount of air to blow.