Crozier Carbon Fiber V2 Drone Reeds

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A carbon-fiber-on-composite ultra harmonic drone reed with a simple, easy to setup design.

Sound Description:

The Crozier V2 Drone reeds are higher in pitch than the original Carbon reeds and have a cane like tonal quality.

Unique Qualities...

  1. Crozier Carbon Fiber reeds have a slightly curved body that allows the flat tongue to vibrate (other reed styles commonly curve the tongue instead of the body). The result is a super-stable, super reliable drone sound.
  2. These reeds really blast the harmonics. Some argue they're too "buzzy," but if they're well setup, calibrated, and balanced with the volume of your chanter reed, you'll get an incredible sound!

Important Notes:

  1. The reeds are very easy to set up using the airtight tuning plug and bridle for tonal alterations.
  2. Croziers are designed for pipers, by pipers, for beginners through to the most advanced pipers.
  3. Require a short break-in period of about 1 week to fully stabilize.