Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds

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A highly refined synthetic drone reed made of carbon-fiber components. Great for solo competing, and super stable!

Sound Description:

Full-bodied, mellow, super stable, NOT buzzy, locks together.

Unique Qualities...

  1. Kinnaird reeds look a lot like a model rocket. They have an aerodynamic "nose cone," and inside of the cone is a screw that one can use to sharpen/flatten the overall pitch of the reed. This screw comes in handy if the drones are tuning a bit too high/low on your tuning pin.
  2. Kinnairds tend to "lock in" to tune with each other very well, and will stay this way for extended periods of time.

Important Notes:

  1. This "Evolution" style Kinnaird Reed was redesigned in 2013, in attempts to improve the brightness and brilliance of the tenor reeds. (We agree - this is a step up from the original model when it comes to sound AND stability!)
  2. Replacement tongues are available for purchase, and can come in handy after several years of playing these reeds. After extended use, some feel that older tongues are less stable/tunable.