Bannatyne Moisture Control Canister System

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Lightweight canister system with hoses to drones and chanter. Dust-free design Extra canister and gel beads included.

Cutting Edge, Indicating, Moisture Control:

Bannatyne Ltd’s collaboration with Willie McCallum has produced an update to its Canister MCS. Willie has been trialing this system and making some modifications to it during 2012. It was used in a number of temperatures, humidity’s and altitudes during Willie’s participation in the Route 66 Pipes and Sticks Tour. Willie has played the system in his pipes since the summer. The system has had a number of favorable reviews already, both from confirmed users of synthetic pipe bags and also pipers who have come over from formerly using traditional skin pipe bags. A number of top-level players are now using the system.

The features which make this system efficient and reliable are:

  1. Longer Playing Time
  2. Excellent Air Flow with no restriction to Drones or Chanter Starts and Stops are easier
  3. Easy to Install and Remove Clear Canister allows easy checking of gel color change from orange to dark green
  4. Adjustable to suit any climate
  5. Can adjust to suit individual depending on wet or drier blower
  6. Gels absorb more (70% absorption) giving longer playing time in between drying
  7. No dust particles
  8. Strong flexible hoses prevent collapsing
  9. Hoses are color coded for ease of fitting
  10. Supplied with the Bannatyne Bottle Water Trap

Great for use in:

Synthetic and Hybrid Bags with Zippers. Possible for use in hide bags but not easily removable seasonings.