Begg Sheepskin Pipe Bag

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The "industry standard" sheepskin bag, hand-crafted by the worlds most experienced bag makers to offer long life and durability.

Key Characteristics of the Begg Sheepskin Pipe Bag:

  1. Made of Sheepskin, hand-stitched.
  2. Has exceptional natural moisture controlling quality due to sheepskin material.
  3. Needs to be seasoned occasionally using Airtight seasoning (or similar).
  4. Produces a super-rich, harmonic sound.

Begg Sheepskin Moisture Control Note(s):

  1. No inside access to bag (i.e. no zipper), so complex moisture control systems will not be compatible.
  2. We recommend a standard "tube" style water trap for this bag.

Average Lifespan and Size Chart of a Begg Sheepskin Pipe Bag:

  1. Approximately 1.5 - 3 Years Depending on Use.
  2. Size Chart:
  3. Small: 10in x 28in
  4. Standard 10.5in x 29in - (medium in other bags)
  5. Begg Medium 11.25in x 29in - (large in other bags)
  6. Large 12in x 30in - (XL in other bags)