BandSpec Inverness Rain Cape

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In the past 10 years or so, the Band Spec Inverness Cape has revolutionized Highland-wear rain protection, especially at the Highland Games. Not only does the Band Spec protect your uniform from getting soaked, it also allows you to focus better on a great performance. With a pouch for storage, drum stick holders for drummers, and non-slip patches for pipers (not to mention a slew of other features), this cape is clearly ahead of the curve.


This cape for pipers and drummers includes pouch with belt loops, non-slip underarm patch, glengarry and drumstick pockets, shoulder fastenings, Oxford fabric, sealed seams. 100% waterproof.

Sizing Details:
Kids Extra Small
(29" - 33" Chest, 42" bottom to top)
Small (34" - 38" Chest, 47" bottom to top)
Medium (39" - 42" Chest, 49" bottom to top)
Large (43" - 47" Chest, 50" bottom to top)
Extra Large (48" - 52" Chest, 50" bottom to top)
(53" - 56" Chest, 50" bottom to top)


Folding and Storage Directions:
  1. Lay the raincape down flat, the right way up with collar pointing to the right.
  2. Fold the whole rain cape neatly inside out by bringing the front edges of the coat & top-cape to lie on top of each other. (Take care when folding to top-cape inside the coat by pleating the shoulder seams neatly together.
  3. Fold the skirt of the coat neatly on to the front edge, then fold the raincape completely in half to form a rectangular shape (so that the collar lies at the hem).
  4. Fold the raincape over equally three times & then fold once in half. The raincape is now ready for inserting into the pouch.
  5. If required, a warm steam iron on the top side of the fabric will eliminate any creases. DO NOT IRON.
  6. When not in use hang the rain cape on a peg or hanger. Never use the pouch until rain cape is dry. Only using the pouch for short periods of time lengthens the lifespan of the cape.