Rhythmic Fingerwork by Jim McGillivray

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Dojo U Preferred Product*** In a nutshell, here is what Rhythmic Fingerwork can offer you: 141 exercises covering all light music technique; detailed instruction on how to play and practice each exercise; audio CD demonstrating all exercises; a practical philosophy to help you understand gracenoting.

Every Piper Should Know This Book.

Rhythmic Fingerwork is the one book every piper should own. It's super easy to read, and the principles within will stick with you for your entire bagpipe career. It's written by legend Jim McGillivray, and leaves no stone un turned.

Key Characteristics

  1. A collection of 141 exercises for the practice chanter appropriate for for pipers of all levels.
  2. The exercises can be heard on the CD, so that the student can gauge their performance.
  3. The book is also conveniently spiral bound.

***Dojo U Preferred Products:

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At the Piper's Dojo store, we offer every product we can think of, to make sure you have a full selection to choose from to make your piping journey as personalized and meaningful as possible. However, it is important to note that we don't actually play or advocate all of the products in our catalogue. Some products are simply too advanced or complicated for beginning and intermediate players. Some products hurt your sound more than they help (despite how they are marketed). Meanwhile, others products are just *the best* in our opinion; and these are our Dojo U Preferred Products!