Piper's Dojo and Piping Hot Summer Drummer present


Sail with us on the musical journey of a lifetime!

May 4-11, 2024 • Seattle to Alaska

The highly sought-after Piper’s Dojo Bagpipe Cruise is back for the first time since 2020, with a twist!

Piper's Dojo are joining forces with the brilliant minds behind Piping Hot Summer Drummer to bring bagpiping and drumming together on the high seas! 

From May 4th to 11th, 2024, join world-renowned piping and drumming legends Jack Lee, Reid Maxwell, Rab Mathieson and Andrew Douglas for an idyllic Alaskan voyage on the luxurious Norwegian Bliss cruise liner. 

Grab the family and sign up now to enjoy a relaxing holiday that combines sightseeing with supercharging your piping or drumming progress, all as you sail in extravagant luxury.

Tickets will sell fast – don’t miss your chance to be a part of the first epic Cruise Journey North!

All Aboard For An Epic 
Cruise Journey North!

Piping and drumming camps are some of the most fun, intensive and inspiring ways to learn from exceptional instructors, meet new friends and supercharge your musical progress.

Piping Hot Summer Drummer has been the world’s largest piping and drumming school for over 30 years. And Dojo University has run many successful intensive workshops and camps over the last decade, including the extremely popular Piper’s Dojo Cruise, held annually from 2016 until 2020.

Unfortunately, all the usual revelry of bagpiping and drumming camps, schools and workshops got a bit disrupted over the last few years. Many went virtual during the pandemic, but you really can’t replicate the incidental friendships, interactive experiences, and just plain fun of an in-person intensive school online.

So many vital friendships, connections, brainwaves and breakthroughs can only happen when you’re face-to-face with new friends and mentors. 

So we had an idea – what if we brought back the wildly popular “bagpipe cruise” idea, but combined the best of PHSD and Dojo U into an all-encompassing experience that would take the West Coast by storm? 

Introducing Cruise Journey North – a relaxing West Coast vacation for the whole family! 

Avoid the arguments about abandoning your spouse and kids to run away to band camp… they can enjoy all the comforts and entertainment of a luxury cruise liner, as you can revel in the world’s best piping and drumming instruction – and we can all take in the sheer majesty of the Alaskan coastline’s best ports and sights along the way.

Your Spouse Will Love This Vacation As Much As You Do

While we know there are some amazing piping schools and events out there, we believe that none come close to ours in terms of how much your spouse will actually enjoy it too. While you're in class, they can head to the spa, work out in the amazing on-board fitness facility, play trivia, read a book, surf the fast on-board internet by the pool, etc. The whole family will have an unforgettable experience.

Make a Quantum Leap With Your Piping and Drumming

There's a lot of glitz and glam about this bagpiping cruise - but let's not forget about just how much better you're going to be as a piper by the time you disembark. With our registration limit (guaranteeing small class sizes) combined with the finest bagpipe instructors we can think of, this is going to sky-rocket the quality of your playing. Be sure to keep this in mind as we continue with our expansive list of benefits!

A Built-In Ceilidh Every Night 

Our ship has countless night-life spots on board, featuring drinks, entertainment, and a great atmosphere. While most bagpipe schools have one night with a big ceilidh, this school has a great ceilidh every night! Never before has socializing been so fun and organic.

You've Never Eaten So Well at a Bagpipe Camp...

I love going out to eat, but since we've had our kids we don't get the chance as often any more. On the cruise, there's amazing food on a variety of levels! Snack Bars for a quick bite. Buffets for a little bit of everything (including jello!!!). The Dining Room for elegant classic meals. Specialty Restaurants if you're game to pay a little bit extra to really take things to the next level. 

Balance Intensity and Relaxation

We are going to go hard when we're in class. We're going to push you to your limits just like any other school would. But we're also going to make sure you have plenty of time for relaxing, socializing, doing excursions, and generally enjoying your vacation. Remember, this is a hybrid bagpipe and drum school AND vacation. And that's what you're going to get!

Meet Your Instructors

Andrew Douglas

Andrew is a prolific practitioner of the bagpipe, active at the highest level of pipe bands, solo competition, teaching, and creative endeavors for the past 20 years. He was 2017 & 2019 World Champion with Inveraray and District Pipe Band, 2017 Winner of the USA Silver Medal for Piobaireachd, 2008–2013 Pipe Major of Grade 1 Oran Mor Pipe Band, multi-prize winner of Silver Medals at Oban and Inverness, the 2004 B-Grade Winner Strathspey/Reel at Oban. Andrew published his debut and award-winning book, Finding Bagpipe Freedom, in 2021. He's also an Accredited Bagpipe Teacher and Examiner (Scottish Qualifications Authority) and holds a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from Simon Fraser University.

Jack Lee

Jack has been competing successfully at the highest levels of both solo piping and pipe bands for over 40 years. It is extremely rare that a piper excels in both the solo and band arenas. His accomplishments are a testament to his understanding of great bagpipe sound and music. Among his many accolades over a lifetime of top-level achievements all over the world, Jack is the six-time world champion Pipe Sergeant of Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, winner of Highland Society of London Gold Medals, the Clasp at the Northern Meeting, the Canadian Gold Medal, and the first North American piper to win the Glenfiddich Solo Piping Championship.

Robert Mathieson

Rab is a legend in the Scottish bagpiping scene who needs little introduction! Among his many accolades, Rab won the World Pipe Band Championships 5 times as Pipe Major of Grade 1 band Shotts and Dykehead, has won around 40 RSPBA Major Championships, and won the Macallen Trophy twice at the Interceltic Music Festival in Lorient, France. Rab has published several collections of his own tunes, released recordings, and also runs The Kilt Centre in Hamilton, Scotland. Rab has been a valued Premium Class Instructor at Dojo University for many years.

Reid Maxwell

Reid has an amazing record of accomplishments at the top in the pipe band world. Apart from his six World and four World Drum Corps titles with SFU, Reid has won the titles with two other Grade 1 bands, one of them as lead drummer! He has also appeared in the final of the World Solo Drumming Championship on many occasions, and he teaches drummers and drum corps all across the World. His engaging teaching style captures students’ imaginations wherever he teaches!

Meet Your Vessel: Norwegian bliss

From action-packed wilderness adventures and extraordinary sightseeing on shore excursions, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy Alaska onboard Norwegian Cruises Lines vessel, Bliss. This custom-built ship was launched in 2018 and refurbished in 2021. It's designed to allow you see nature at its most majestic – you can witness whales breaching the surface, marvel at spectacular glaciers, and experience everything Alaska has to offer.

The ship's hull boasts a marine life design, painted by Wyland, an artist known for his whale murals. Bliss incorporates all the best features of modern family cruise vessels, such as family and solo cabins, an exclusive Haven Suite complex, an impressive sports complex, more than fifteen dining venues, and multiple bars, lounges and clubs.


Day 1: All Aboard!

We’ll be kicking off our offshore adventures by boarding our cruise liner, Norwegian Bliss, in Seattle.

Located just two hours south of Vancouver, Canada, the city of Seattle in USA is an international port that boasts three professional sports teams, hundreds of restaurants, a myriad of cultural venues and a lifestyle that is unique to the Pacific Northwest. It is known as Emerald City due to the lush evergreen forests in the area. Well known for its impressive musical history, from jazz to the rock music style of grunge, to this day Seattle hosts a diverse and influential alternative music scene. We set sail on our adventure at 5pm sharp!

Day 2: First Cruise Day – Workshops and Instruction

Day 3: Sitka, USA

At 11am, we’ll arrive at our first port stop for the cruise! Sitka, the fourth largest city by population in Alaska, is nestled on the west side of Baranof Island, and is thought to be the most beautiful of SE Alaska cities. The flora and fauna of Sitka and its surrounding area are notable attractions. Residents and visitors alike enjoy fishing, hiking, wildlife viewing, and simply experiencing all this dynamic town has to offer. 

This is a full-day stop, so we’ll have a rest day on the piping and drumming side of things for this day of the cruise. Mosey back on board by 6pm for socializing and merriment!

Day 4: Juneau, USA

We’ll have the option to spend the morning at our next port. Built on a narrow shelf between Mt. Juneau and the deep waters of Gastineau Channel, Juneau is Alaska's state capital and a rewarding destination for glacier viewing. Juneau is a blend of fishermen and teachers, legislators and artists, homemakers and lawyers, union workers and frontier entrepreneurs, students and Native elders, all sharing an active port city within an inspiring wilderness setting. 

Due back on board by 1.30pm, we’ll then have an afternoon of piping and drumming workshops. 

Endicott Arm, USA

On our way out, we’ll pass by Endicott Arm, a fjord 80 km south of Juneau in the Inside Passage, which lies inside the largest temperate rain forest in the world - the Tongass National Forest of Alaska, USA. From the entrance of the fjord to the face of Dawes Glacier is almost 60 km. The water is covered with ice spawned from the glacier, from small brash ice to chunks the size of three-storey buildings.


Day 5: Icy Straight Point (Hoonah), USA

From 7am-3pm, we’ll explore Alaska’s newest cruise port, Icy Strait Point, located just down the road from Hoonah, and 35 km S.E. of Glacier Bay National Park. It is the result of collaboration between the local communities and cruise corporations, to attract visitors eager to experience America’s ‘last wilderness.’ Millions of dollars have been invested in creating a facility that offers cruise travellers an authentic and refreshing Arctic experience. 

Back on board for the afternoon, we’ll run a few workshops before some evening fun and relaxation time. 

Day 6: Ketchikan, USA

Alaska’s ‘first city’ Ketchikan is situated along the shores of Alaska's Inside Passage within the heart of the Tongass National Forest. Evergreen mountains rise out of the water, the lush green landscape nurtured by the abundant rainfall of the temperate rainforest environment. Visitors are presented with a remarkable array of activities and attractions that highlight the town's history, industry and culture, and bring them up close to resident wildlife. 

We’ll be onshore from 7am–1.15pm, then back onboard for a refreshing afternoon of piping and drumming workshops. 

Day 7: Victoria, Canada

We’ll spend our final day at sea for our last piping and drumming workshops. Around 8pm, we’ll arrive at beautiful Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, Canada. Located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island off Canada's Pacific coast. It is one of the oldest cities in the Pacific NW, with British settlement beginning in 1841, and it still retains a number of historic buildings close to the harbour. The city certainly has a unique blend of old world charm and new world experiences. Enjoy the evening exploring Victoria before boarding for an overnight sail back to our home port in Seattle. 

What our attendees say

Although this is the first Cruise Journey North, it’s not our first time bringing instruction of this caliber to the high seas! Here’s what past Dojo Cruisers have had to say about the experience… 

"Combined a much-needed vacation with superb piping instruction..."

"When the Dojo Cruise of 2017 was announced, my wife and I jumped at the chance to go. That week-long cruise was a fabulous experience for us because it combined a much-needed vacation with superb piping instruction, as well as the ability to meet and play with fellow pipers from the Dojo."


"I left inspired with goals, encouragement, and a new commitment to learning..."

"I signed up for the cruise on a whim of 'it sounds like a fun way to learn.' I knew little of bagpipe playing, tuning, or maintenance. After a week of fun and intense immersion into music, I left inspired with goals, encouragement, and a new commitment to learning. My non-piping husband left with more appreciation, too. The instructors were talented, patient, wise, and witty, and we played bagpipes on the helipad"

Nancy guss  //  Florida, USA

"A pipers dream and a wonderful experience..."

"What is a Dojo Cruise you ask? Simply an incredible vacation for you and your spouse on a brilliant cruise ship (a large one). Oh did I mention the Piping Instruction! World-class and captive for three full days of instruction for all levels. A pipers dream and a wonderful experience. So grand, I'm returning for the second installment!"

Ken Allan  //  Ontario, Canada

"A very good experience – a cruise ship, excellent instructors and students from other countries..."

"I was told about the Dojo cruise by my piping friend. Dojo U was very new for me, but my friend knew that I loved cruising, so here could be a good match. He told that he might sign up himself, but I actually did not expect it to happen. When I two month later was told that he had signed up, I did the same the day after. And it was a very good experience, not just because it took place on a cruise ship, but also due to the excellent instructors and all the students from other countries. Loved the classes where you could go to the session that you like most, the instructor concerts, and the mingling with the other on the DoJo cruise. Everything in a very relaxed atmosphere."

Henrik Strandberg  //  Denmark


Call Expedia Cruises to book: 604.985.7447

May 4, 2023 NCL Bliss –
7 Night Alaska to Seattle Round Trip

All packages are customizable and flexible

Package 1: Inside 

From $1,462 CAD
(~$1100 USD per person)
Workshop: $595 CAD

Package 2: Balcony 

From $2,445 CAD
(~$1850 USD per person)
Workshop: $595 CAD

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Register?

We are partnering with Expedia Cruises to handle all bookings, and to ensure your experience is as wonderful as possible. To purchase your cruise and/or to customize your cruise experience, call Expedia Cruises: 604.985.7447

What If I Need to Cancel?

Expedia Cruises, our travel agent partner for this year’s cruise, can walk you through every detail of your trip, including contingencies in the event you need to cancel. To purchase your cruise and/or to customize your cruise experience, call Expedia Cruises: 604.985.7447

How do I get to the Cruise Port?

We’re departing from Pier 66 in Seattle, USA. It's easy to get to, and for specifics, just google it!
To put your mind at ease for now:

  • It's an easy 13 miles from Seattle Intl Airport
  • Easy drive from any major interstate
  • Easily accessible by Uber, Lyft, train, and by bus.
  • There is parking available at the terminal (but you may wish to shop around for better pricing nearby).

Questions About the Cruise Itself

A good many questions will be answered in detail for you in the 2-3 months leading up to our sail date. Here are some common ones that you don't need to worry too much about yet, but we will cover in depth later:

  • What do I pack?

  • Do I bring my kilt?

  • Can I get private lessons on board?

  • Will we be learning about... (x,y,z)?

  • Etc.

Don't sweat the small stuff for now. These relatively minor details are easily worked out as the cruise approaches. And, we can change plans on board as well, if you have something special you'd like to do!

What if I am traveling by myself? Do I need to find a roommate?

This is another great question that our partner, Expedia Cruises, can certainly answer for you. To purchase your cruise and/or to customize your cruise experience, call Expedia Cruises: 604.985.7447

If you are in need of a room mate, reach out to us and we may be able to help.

Is Alcohol or other Amenities Included in the Price?

We are partnering with Expedia Cruises to handle all bookings, and to ensure your experience is as wonderful as possible. When you call them, they can walk you through all amenities and pricing. To purchase your cruise and/or to customize your cruise experience, call Expedia Cruises: 604.985.7447

Do they have internet on the boat?

They sure do! And, it's pretty darn good. FaceTime with the family at home, and stream your favorite shows if you'd like! It's quite slick. It is a small daily fee per device. 

What if I want to... get a pedicure... instead of going to class?

Honestly, that's ok by us! We certainly want you to come to all of the classes, but it's not required or strictly enforced or anything. If there's something you're dying to do that conflicts with class time, that's ok!

What else do I need to know?  

There are a few odds-and-ends logistical details we will provide to you between your registration and the Cruise itself. Don’t stress about it – oh, and, of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us any time – email support@pipersdojo.com.

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