Dojo University Drumming Program

Learn to play Scottish-style drums
- accessible online, anywhere, at any time!

Ever been curious about what it’s like to play a drum in a pipe band – but didn’t know where to start?

Or if you’re already well on your way – could you use a bit of expert direction, feedback and support to get you on the path to improvement again?

Or if you’re already an excellent drummer – interested in a new approach to supplement your own teaching?
If any of these sound like you, we'd love to welcome you to our brand new stream of Dojo University, dedicated entirely to drummers.

Led by rhythm guru Ed Best, you'll work your way through our all-new Snare Drumming Tutor, and a simple and elegant "Snare Drumming Freedom" process, modelled on our successful and proven "Bagpipe Freedom" program.

Membership will initially include the following benefits, with more courses, classes and recordings added regularly:

  • Regularly recurring live classes (5+ per week to start with) - with dedicated snare drumming and rhythm classes, and a weekly bass and tenor drumming focused class
  • 5 Snare Drumming Tutor Courses, from beginner to intermediate / advanced
  • Supportive, fun, closed online community
  • On-demand archive of past classes and sessions
  • Snare Drumming programming based on our acclaimed "musical freedom" process
  • The opportunity to socialize and learn with our bagpiping students where possible!

Membership for Dojo U Drumming will be $30/month (if you're already a Dojo U piping student, you'll pay this on top of your existing monthly membership fee).

My drumming and musicianship have definitely improved through the Dojo. I have been taking private lessons for years, and continue to take them. But I have always tended to hyper focus on whatever my lesson centers on; in addition, although I MEAN to practice every day, I often don’t. However, since I’ve started the Dojo, I average about an hour of practice a day, sometimes more. This includes Dojo classes, and my own practice. Consequentially, my rudiments are getting a workout, and I am exposed to a variety of scores and types of tunes. Most important, I’m enjoying playing.

- Pam brownleE, Louisiana, USA

Dojo has infinitely improved my drumming skills, as well as my musicianship. Having to analyze a new tune every couple of weeks exposes me to lots of pipe literature that drummers never really worry about. The focus of matching the drum score to the piper has also developed my ears so that I am alway cognizant of the piper and how what I play contributes to the ensemble. My favorite part of the curriculum is by far the step-by-step approach to breaking down music. Coming from a classical background, its important to me that I know how the rudiments are expressed in a context that is new to me. Having a resource that breaks down each aspect, one by one, is invaluable so that I have a solid context on which to base my playing and musical expression.

– Kirstyn Norris, Texas, USA

The Dojo has drastically improved my drumming and musicianship. Ed’s oversight of my strengths and weaknesses has helped me improve significantly and continually helps me pin point areas I need work in. I am enjoying the classes very much. Ed’s teaching style is thorough but lighthearted. He cares about our learning and makes sure we understand what he is explaining. My favorite parts of the Dojo drumming curriculum are Ed’s classes and the online resources. While I am a novice drummer, I know quite a bit about teaching and training, and can say with authority Ed is an outstanding teacher.

- John Falk, California, USA