About Us

If you're new to the Piper's Dojo, you may be asking - what the heck is a Piper's Dojo? Well, in a nutshell, we're a business devoted to furthering the bagpipes (and bagpipe music) by providing great supplies and education to all of our customers. As a Dojo customer, you'll see how bagpipes and drums can be more than just a hobby -- they can become a way of life.

The Piper's Dojo carries a full range of bagpipe supplies: African Blackwood Bagpipes, Poly Bagpipes, Blackwood and Plastic Bagpipe and Practice Chanters, Small Pipes, Maintenance Supplies, Hide Pipe Bags, Synthetic Pipe Bags, Moisture Control Systems,Pipe Cases, Drone Reeds, Chanter Reeds,Tuners, Metronomes, and More! We also carry Drumming Supplies, and Highland Wear (such as: Ghillie Brogues, Hose, Kilts, Argyll Jackets and Vests, Prince Charlie's, Glengarries, and more). 

In addition to selling supplies, we also believe that great musical education is the best way to promote the piping and drumming community. We are devoted to teaching players of all levels how to play bagpipes. Our "Dojo University" online piping school (the first of its kind) is a way to get a world-class bagpipe education from the best bagpipers in the world from the comfort of home. We also offer bagpipe lessons locally in the Capital District Area of New York, and we also teach our students remote lessons using technology like Skype, Telephone, Email, and even Snail-mail! No-matter what your learning goals are, we will connect you with the best bagpipe teachers available. 

The bagpipes aren't just an instrument to create music, but a tool to explore who we are. Embedded in every bagpipe lesson is a lesson about life.