Bagpiper Pipe Case

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A light, rugged, and durable case with multiple carrying straps and plenty of storage.

One of Our Most Popular Cases!

The Bagpiper Case offers multiple carrying positions and loads of storage. The Bagpiper Case is made with a super durable fabric and is made to be compact, ultra convenient and provides safe storage for your pipes. With multiple shoulder strap configurations it can be worn as a backpack, over one shoulder or with conventional handles. The Bagpiper Case is great for any set of pipes!


  1. Made from Durable Canvas
  2. Wire Frame for Protection
  3. Padded Interior
  4. Large Front Pocket for Storage, 3 Side Pockets, 2 Interrior
  5. Included Chanter Tube
  6. Two Shoulder Straps (can be worn as a backpack)
  7. Interior Dimensions: 23.5"" x 8.25"" x 7""
  8. Exterior Dimensions: 25.5"" x 10.25"" x 8.25""