Selbie Drone Reeds

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A super-rich, super-simple synthetic drone reed with a wooden body, and "t-shaped" synthetic tongue.

Sound Description:

Full-bodied, rich, NOT buzzy. The reed-makers strives for a cane-like sound.

Unique Qualities...

  1. Selibes use a patent-pending "T" design for the drone reed tongues. This design allows for easy adjustment, and even easy removal! If the tongue takes on any residue, it's easy to remove and clean it.
  2. The reeds are tested and matched for pitch, strength and tonal quality before they leave the manufacturer. This makes them very consistent and reliable out of the box.

Important Notes:

  1. Will fit almost every set of pipes and sound great!
  2. Replacement tongues are available for purchase, and can come in handy after several years of playing these reeds. After extended use, some feel that older tongues are less stable/tunable.
  3. We recommend replacing the rubber hemp coating with waxed hemp.