St. Kilda Flexi Stick Blowstick

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The St. Kilda Flexi-Stik Bagpipe Blowstick features a ball joint allowing it to swivel in any direction. Blowstick length is also adjustable and the Flexi-Stik comes with both a wide bore and standard mouthpiece. Black poly with imitation ivory mount.

A Telescopic Blowstick for any set of pipes!


  1. Wide Bore with little to no restriction.
  2. Traditional Round or Wide-bore Oval tips both included.
  3. Adjusts from 8 1/4" to 12" - measured when straight from bottom of mount to tip of the mouthpiece.
  4. Internal Valve
  5. Ball Joint for pin point placement.
  6. Available with Imitation Ivory Mount.
  7. Made By RG. Hardie in Scotland.