Warnock Reed by David Chesney

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A very well-rounded reed, famous for its reliability and consistency.

Key Characteristics of the Warnock Pipe Chanter Reed:

  1. Produces a cracklin', rich, well rounded sound for nearly all applications (bands of all levels, solosits of all levels).
  2. Known for reliability out of the box. Expect your next reed to be the same as the previous.
  3. Pitch is aggressive, making it a great choice for players and bands that like to play on the cutting edge of the pitch bubble.
  4. Breaks in quite a bit after the first 5-10 hours of playing. Best to order this reed a hair on the strong side.
  5. Very stable, even with fluctuations in blowing.
  6. Available in Easy, Medium, and Hard Strengths.
  7. Played by many of the world's top bands.
  8. Made By David Chesney in Northern Ireland